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About us

“이비테크는 2000년 삼성중공업으로부터 분리, 설립된 회사로 국내 유일의 전자가속기 제작업체로서 전자가속기(電子加速器) 생산/판매, 전자빔을 이용한 전자선 조사(照査)서비스 등의 사업을 전개하고 있으며, 국내외에 전자가속기가 이용되는 전선, 열수축튜브, 타이어, 발포수지, Curing, 반도체, 식품 살균 및 의료용품 멸균 등 여러 분야에서 새롭고 경쟁력 있는 사업 기회를 제공하고 있습니다. 그리고 전자선을 이용한 제품개발이나 새로운 적용분야 발굴에 대해서도 관련된 지식, 경험 및 Know-how와 시설 등을 누구에게나 공개하고 제공하고 있으므로 언제든지 저희 회사를 방문하시거나 Email, Homepage등을 통한 연락을 환영합니다.”


  • 1991.11  Technical cooperation with BINP(Russia)

  • 1993.01  R&D launch of Polymer modification

  • 1994.02  R&D launch of Environmental Preservation(Wastewater & Flue gas treatment)

  • 1994.08  New product development of Accelerator(1.0 MeV, 40kW)

  • 1998.05  Exclusive domestic business agreement with BINP(Russia) in Korea

  • 2000.02  Successful implementation of wastewater treatment plant in Korea

  • 2000.10  Establishment of “EB Tech Co., Ltd.”, Spin off from Samsung heavy Industry.

  • 2001.01  Establishment of annex research center

  • 2001.02  Increase of Capital Investment

  • 2001.04  Registration as Venture company in Korea

  • 2001.10  Business Agent agreement with NIIEFA(Russia)

  • 2003.11  Awarded Million Dollar Export Tower

  • 2004.03  Awarded certificate of Superior Technology Company

  • 2004.03  Relocation & Establishment of New Company Factory

  • 2006.04 Acquired certificate of  clean workplace

  • 2007.06  Attracting Foreign Investment, $2 million

  • 2008.02  Completion of the 3rd Irradiation Facility(10.0 MeV)

  • 2010.11  Acquired ISO9001:2008, ISO13485 Certificate

  • 2012.10 Completion of the 4th Irradiation Facility(2.5 MeV)

  • 2014.11 Completion of the 6th Irradiation Facility(0.7 MeV-Self Shielded Accelerator)

  • 2016.04 Capital increase with consideration for employee stock ownership association

  • 2016.06 Enter the Korean Stock Market (KONEX)

  • 2017.03 Inauguration of the new CEO(Jinkyu KIM)

  • 2019.01 Acquired ISO13485:2016 Certificate

  • 2019.11 Acquired ISO9001:2015 Certificate

  • 2019.11 Acquired Risk Assessment Certificate

  • 2019.12 Acquired Youth-friendly small hidden champion company Certificate for 2020(Ministry of Employment and Labor)

  • 2021.01 Acquired Youth-friendly small hidden champion company Certificate for 2021(Ministry of Employment and Labor)

  • 2021.02 Acquired 5th renewal Certificate of INNO-BIZ(Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • 2021.03 Capital increase by Korea Standard Co., Ltd.