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Since its foundation in 2000, EB Tech Co., Ltd. has never stopped evolving and striving to become “A leading company in the accelerator world” to create new technologies and application in Radiation Technology industries. Until now, EB Tech has endeavored to be a pioneer in the electron beam application field by engaging in advanced research and development activities. We are composed of engineers and scientists of former Samsung Heavy Industries and those who have a wide array of experience in electron beam application fields.

Accelerators give enormous opportunities to be used for the wide range of applications to improve the standard of human life. EB Tech has been focusing on R&D in the fields of environmental application, polymer & semiconductor modification, sterilization, and X-ray inspection by accelerators. And we have provided special facilities in fields of electron accelerator, environmental system and X-ray inspection system. We have already established a wonderful electron beam system of 60 related polymer modifications and environmental systems worldwide. We have also been assisting other researchers from research institutes, companies and universities to develop research projects using our accelerators. Through these activities, we are seeking to become one of the most valued companies in application fields by electron beam technology. We will continue a leading role in electron beam throughout the world with the objective to enhance the quality of our lives.

Our company’s policy is to license only the worlds-best technologies. We will do our best to commercialize innovative ideas and to continuously develop new and advanced technologies. Through the scope of our activities, we offer clients and partners complete satisfaction and trust. With the spirit of creativity, challenge and trust, we look forward to meeting all of your requirements and to mutual progress for prosperity.

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January 2, 2020

Jinkyu Kim, CEO


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